In the first episode of The Addams Family, a truant officer visits the macabre home of “two kids who have never set foot in school.” After locating the head of household, the officer declares, “Your kids have got to go to school. Everybody sends their kids to school!” to which Gomez Addams replies, “Ridiculous. Why […]


When we say we believe in sola Scriptura, we’re saying we believe that Scripture alone, the Bible alone, is the source of our knowledge of God. The Bible is God’s Word. It doesn’t make mistakes. It tells us everything we need to know about God and morality and salvation. Popes, councils, pastors, they all can […]

TEACHING AT HOME: Not if, but how

It has never been a question of if, but how. The last several years, many parents have found themselves wondering if they should homeschool their children. Whether it was on account of Covid policies or Marxism or mere inefficiency, lots of folks who had never considered homeschooling started to wonder: should we? If we were […]


Why did our Lord give us His Holy Word? What was His purpose in having it written down and preserved for you for thousands of years? Those of you reading this know the answers to these questions. As Lutherans the answers have been drilled into you from childhood. Thanks be to God for that. You […]