Imagine a college where students learn

  • to value marriage and family over career and money.
  • that men are men and women are women, with God-given and beautiful differences and roles.
  • that to be a father is greater than being the president and to be a mother is greater than being a queen.
  • that the Bible is the wisdom of God far surpassing all the wisdom of men.
  • that the Lutheran Church has the greatest theology, the best hymns, the most excellent music in the history of the world.
  • that Bible, hymns, prayer, devotion, and talking about God belong in our homes every day.
  • that children are a heritage from the Lord, the only thing in all the earth we can take to heaven with us.
  • that piety is better than wealth and virtue is better than fame.
  • that the Western tradition, with its literature, philosophy, music, scientific discovery, and Christian theology, is by far the greatest tradition the world has ever seen.
  • that socialism is theft and wokism is bullying.
  • that Christian culture grows through supporting faithful churches and leading pious homes.

This is the mission of Luther Classical College. Proudly and unapologetically Lutheran in liturgy, theology, and culture. Lutheran. Conservative. Classical. A college for Lutherans.

Prospectus for

Luther Classical College

Location: Eleven acres on the campus of Mount Hope Lutheran Church and School, Casper, WY. With a population of c. 65,000, Casper has two conservative, liturgical LCMS congregations of about three hundred members each.

Setting: The college will begin with two dormitories (c. 10,000 sq. feet each, apartment style, with a kitchen for every four beds, obviating the need for a campus cafeteria) on the south side of campus and a campus center with offices, classrooms, and study areas on the north side of campus. The Wyoming District Office is just south of Mount Hope Lutheran Church and has the beginnings of a theological library. Mount Hope Lutheran Church has a gymnasium and chapel for the college’s use.

Prospective Opening: August, 2025

Purpose: The college will provide a conservative, classical Lutheran education to Lutheran students. Paramount will be the promotion of Christian culture, a stress on the priority of Christian marriage, family, and piety, and a cultivation of confessional Lutheran theology, liturgy, hymnody, and identity. With courses using the “great books” of the past for the core curriculum, the college will offer Latin, history, theology, literature, logic, rhetoric, music, geometry, biology, and mathematics, all within a purposefully Christian and Lutheran framework.

Need: The college years are typically the most formative years in a young adult’s life. These are the years when they most often find their spouses, decide on a career, and make decisions that last a lifetime. There is desperate need for a college where conservative Lutheran young men and women can learn the truth of the Christian faith, be encouraged in genuine Lutheran culture, and meet pious, Lutheran husbands and wives.

Size: Because of its purpose to promote Christian culture in the Lutheran tradition, the college will be open only to Lutherans and remain small, never exceeding three hundred undergraduates.

Degrees and Opportunities: The college will offer an A.A. and a B.A. in Classical Liberal Arts. Generally, all students will take the same courses. The course work and culture of the college will help prepare students for life as Christians in their church, community, and family. Opportunities to student teach at a classical Lutheran school will be offered to those interested in becoming teachers. Men wishing to continue on to seminary will have an excellent foundation in knowledge of the Bible, Lutheran theology, Church history, apologetics, Latin, Hebrew, and Greek, as well as the piety and humility needed for the pastoral office. For those who wish to pursue a trade upon completion of the A.A. (e.g. electrical, plumbing, architectural), the college will work with Casper Community College and local companies to learn the necessary skills and find gainful employment. The college is seeking accreditation with TRACS.

Cost of Attendance: Because large loads of debt encourage students to put off marriage and family in favor of making money, Luther Classical College will remain affordable. Tuition will be set at $8,500 a year, with scholarship opportunities to help with payment. The Board of Regents will work to decrease, not increase, the cost of tuition as the college grows. In order to secure the independence and guard the doctrinal integrity of the institution, the college will not take any federal funds (including federally subsidized student loans).