Luther Classical College offers three opportunities for admitting students to the first cohort, which is scheduled to begin classes in August 2025:

  • February 21, 2024 through March 20, 2024—Gap-Year Admission (for students completing high school no later than June 30, 2024 who also have achieved test scores that qualify for Priority Admission, as listed next)
  • August 1, 2024, through October 1, 2024—Priority Admission (for high school seniors, i.e., graduating in Spring 2025, or prior high school graduates who have scored 78+ on the CLT, 25+ on the ACT, or 1200+ on the SAT)
  • January 1, 2025, through March 1, 2025—Standard Admission (open to all applicants)

Prospective students should begin by completing LCC’s Pre-Admission Form.

To prepare a full Application for Admission, prospective students should review the instructions provided in the following four documents and then click the “Apply Now” button on this page to enter the application web portal.

  1. How to Complete an Application for Admission
  2. Request for a Letter of Reference from a Pastor
  3. Instructions for Writing Application Essays
  4. Instructions for Listing Extracurricular Activities

Additional information may be found in the Academic Catalog.

Application for Admission

Luther Classical College

Application for Admission
(Feb. 21-March 20, 2024 for Fall 2025)