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What is a supporting congregation?

  • Supporting congregations are congregations in the LCMS who make Luther Classical College one of their congregation’s missions through budgeted mission or offering donations.
  • Supporting congregations will receive regular newsletters, updating the congregation on the progress being made with the college.
  • Four times a year, supporting congregations will receive ten issues of Christian Culture: A Magazine for Lutherans, the journal of Luther Classical College.
  • Supporting congregations will be investing in the future of our children, our congregations, and the health of our synod.

What is a Scholars' Congregation?

  • Scholars’ Congregations include Tier I (donating $2,500 to $4,999 annually to LCC) and Tier II (donating $5,000+ annually to LCC).
  • Each student whose home church was a Scholars’ Congregation during the fiscal year (June-July) preceding the current academic year will automatically receive Scholars’ Congregation Scholarship as follows:
    • Tier I: $212.50 (5% of tuition) per semester.
    • Tier II: $425 (10% of tuition) per semester.
  • This scholarship is automatically renewed at the applicable tier for returning students who remain in academic good standing and whose home congregation continues supporting LCC as a Scholars’ Congregation. Similarly, a returning student becomes newly eligible for this scholarship if the home congregation becomes a Scholar’s Congregation during the fiscal year preceding the academic year in which the scholarship is granted.

Why now?

  • Conservative Lutherans have been asking for a classical Lutheran college for decades. And though classical colleges have popped up all around the country and have been very successful, not one has been Lutheran.
  • As American culture continues to slide, we need a college that purposefully emphasizes and instills Christian culture throughout its curriculum.
  • Given the political climate in our country, we need a college that does not depend on federal funds and which is still affordable for our youth.

Why congregations?

  • Luther Classical College exists to educate young men and women for congregational life, so that they graduate eager to support their local congregations and raise their families in the church.
  • We believe direct congregational support and involvement will help keep the college Lutheran and focused on its goal, which is to strengthen our congregations with committed Lutheran families.

How much does a supporting congregation give?

  • Supporting congregations are giving an average of $3,000 a year to support Luther Classical College. Some give more, some less according to their ability and circumstance. We welcome and are thankful for any amount that fits within a congregation’s budget!

How is it helpful to pledge multiple years of support?

  • Pledging multiple years of support will help the congregation see and be involved in the college’s growth in these first exciting years.
  • Pledging multiple years of support gives the college the ability to set its budget more firmly ahead of its first classes in 2025.

Why Casper, WY?

  • Casper, WY is an ideal place for the first Lutheran classical college. Besides having two thriving and growing, faithful and conservative LCMS congregations, it has an excellent classical Lutheran grade school and high school. This congregational environment will help keep the college grounded in what is important – family and congregational life.
  • The Wyoming District of the LCMS has many classical schools and is extremely supportive of this endeavor.
  • Casper, neither too big nor too small (about 60,000), has all the amenities a college needs.
  • Mount Hope Lutheran Church has 11 acres perfect for a small college campus.
  • Casper College offers classes in the trades that many of our students will take advantage of after completion of the A.A. at Luther Classical College.

What is LCC's connection with the LCMS?

  • Our Board of Regents is made up of all LCMS members, we are sponsored by LCMS congregations, we were incorporated by an LCMS church, our campus is being built on the campus of an LCMS congregation, and our professors will all be LCMS Lutherans.
  • We have the full support of the Wyoming District of the LCMS through the district’s Board of Directors, are under the ecclesiastical supervision of its District President, and are working in collaboration with LCMS RSOs like Wittenberg Academy and CCLE.

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